Factory Tour

We are manufacturer,not middleman.

Hebei Besttone Fashion Co.,Ltd located in Shijiazhuang,the capital of Hebei Province,280km from Beijing.We have Direct staff:520 Teach staff:30 Cutting section:15 Finishing:25 Packing:30 .

We not only have our own factories but also work with several factories.We have a huge output of 150,000 unites per month. Therefore,we are very strong in production,we can rest assured if you give us your order.

From cutting,production to packaging companies have their own complete set of equipment. Now i will show you our equipment to give you a more comprehensive understanding of us.

First of all,we have automatic cloth cutting equipment that can cut some conventional fabrics.Secondly we have a fully automatic light cutting machine,its advantage is that there is no mechanical pressure on the material,so it will not cause deformation due to excessive pressure.For complex shapes,it can also be cut precisely to ensure the size of materials and increase the creativity of clothing.

All kinds of templates and special machines which make it easy for us to deal with all kinds of lines on clothes.It not only improve the sewing efficiency but also improve the beauty of the product.Zipper and bag digging sewing can also be done through special template.

Various kinds of machines make it possible for us to make more varieties, such us lightweight padded jacket/coat,faux fur coat/vest,leather jacket/coat and so on.Even a raincoat can be made.

Pressing and packing and logistics are very professional.it can guarantee the smooth arrival of your goods to the designated place.