Contribute to the World Epidemic Prevention

Affected by the world situation of new coronavirus epidemic, the factory starts to the research masks and product mask orders urgently, to make our own efforts for the world epidemic prevention.

Since the end of 2019, China occurred a large-scale New coronavirus epidemic(called COVID-2019), which has attracted great attention from the Chinese governments and the people. Covid-19 refers to pneumonia caused by Novel Coronavirus 2019, and its manifestations mainly include fever, fatigue and dry cough. On 28 February 2020, the WHO’s daily report on COVID-19 raised it to “very high” in the regional and global risk level, the same with China, it is the the highest level from “high” previously.

On 11 March 2020 local time, W.H.O Director-General announced that, based on assessments, WHO believes the current COVID-19 pandemic can be called a global pandemic. The Press Conference of ShangHai Epidemic Prevention Center confirmed: The transmission routes of COVID-19 are mainly direct transmission, aerosol transmission and contact transmission. Direct transmission refers to the infection caused by inhaling droplets of sneezing, coughing, talking and the air of breath at close range. Aerosol transmission refers to infection by suction aerosols that formed by droplets mixed in the air. Contact transmission refers to the deposition of droplets on the surface of objects, after contacting with contaminated hands, and then contact with mucous of mouth, nose and eyes, leading to infection. So for the severe situation, The China government has taken a series of effective anti-epidemic measures. But meanwhile, the epidemic has spread around the world quickly and relief supplies are urgently needed. This has become a global emergency. Under the world situation, Mr. Xiuhai Wu who chairman of Besttone company organized an emergency meeting urgently and made an important decision: starting the research and production of masks and epidemic prevention materials as soon as possible, increasing the masks order production, even putting it in the first place. In less than three months day and night, Besttone factory has produced more than 10 million masks. It makes the highest production capacity of the production line.

The epidemic is cruel, but the people is warm. For serving to the world, 20 years Besttone, we have been on the road.

Post time: Nov-11-2020