Creating new outdoor products area

In the May of 2020, The Besttone co., Ltd established a new department- Outdoor protection products department. Starting the research and develop the outdoor protection products.

Past 20 years, The Besttone has grown into a large comprehensive and mature enterprise for garments researching and development. Daily capacity are more than 1000pcs for garments and daily mask product capacity are more than 10000 pcs. After gathering various resources, and through the collision of strength and the mature technology, the company formally enter into the new production flied and starting the development of outdoor protection products. Productions include: outdoor clothing and other outdoor protective equipment, such as gloves, kneepad, wrist band, elbow band, mask, face mask, backpacks, waist bags, arm bags, warm hat, neckerchief, tent, sleeping bag, mattresses, stuff sack, rain cover and so on. All production can reach international quality standard. Also we can product anything that the customer need. This is our another department: individual customization division. It means we can product the goods that the customer needs. You only need to tell us the product name, color, size and purpose. Then we will start to work from making individual sample for you. Of course it will includ right material, right size and the most important right purpose until to your satisfy.

In modern society, outdoor sports have become more and more popular with the improvement of social economic level and people’s living ability. More and more people begin to pay more attention and try outdoor activities. It includes running, cycl  ing, mountain climbing, hiking, etc. In the United States, outdoor sports are the third most popular sport in participation and output. England has always been known as the “home of sports”, and is also an important birthplace of modern competitive sports. Now, outdoor sports as an ideal sports for leisure, is a more free and casual way of sports and It is gaining popularity from every country public. With the development of each countries, outdoor sports have become an ideal way of leisure for people all over the world. That’s why we developed outdoor products. We also hope that our outdoor products will grow strong under the influence of outdoor sports.

So our Besttone has innovative research team, and has a dedicated production team, also has warmly service for 20 years, sincerely welcome all customers and friends coming our company to visit and cooperate. We will return to you the highest production quality and the most sincerely service.

Post time: Nov-11-2020