The president Mr. Wu Xiuhai visited Weixing Accessories Co., ltd.

On January 2, 2021, Mr. Wu Xiuhai, the president of the Besttone company, visited Weixing Accessories Co., ltd.

As a garment enterprise, zippers and buttons are most used. As the one of the best garment accessories company, Weixing Industry has always been one of the important suppliers of our Bsttone Company and provided us with a lot of high-quality accessories. As a senior customer, Mr. Wu Xiuhai, president of the company, was invited to visit Zhejiang Weixing Co.,Ltd on January 2nd.

Zhejiang Weixing Co., Ltd., established in 1988, specializes in the production and sales of zippers, metal products, buttons and other apparel accessories. It is the main drafting of China's button and zipper industry standards and the first listed company in China's button and zipper industry. After more than 30 years of development, the company has formed a strong comprehensive competitive advantage in research and development, intelligent manufacturing, and scale, marketing and service, quality and brand, corporate culture and management team. As a leading enterprise in the domestic garment accessories industry, the company has built five industrial bases in China and abroad, and has formed an annual output of more than 10 billion buttons. Zipper production capacity of more than 500 million meters. It has obtained 516 patents authorized in China and abroad. Also Weixing Is a full category, fast response clothing accessories enterprises. As of December 2018, the company has 436 authorized patents. Its "SAB" brand enjoys a high reputation in the enterprise and is a well-known brand of clothing accessories in China.

0AD471051F2CEE439608CF797AFAB6EF A08C58ADDCA7A61FFB04B14DF3545D66 B1BC4770F6007F886C633C69646D832DThe chairman Mr Wu. of our Besttone Company visited the production workshop, R & D technology center and sample exhibition room of Weixing under the guidance of the leader of Weixing. As one of the important customers, Mr. Wu discussed the experience of using Weixing products and some specific requirements and suggestions on the development of new products. We hope to strengthen exchanges and achieve development eachother in the spirit of win-win cooperation. The leader of wei xing said that he would take the suggestion of Mr Wu as an important instruction, and in the future he would provide better products and more all-round services to Besttone company. And also wish Besttone company continue to grow up and become a more powerful partner of wei xing. Then the two sides responsible person and Mr. Wu have dinner together, ending of the visit.

Post time: Feb-03-2021